Viniculture in Piesport

The largest viniculture community at the Moselle river

Piesport is not only influenced significantly by wine growing, but with its 413 hectares of vineyards, it is also the largest wine-growing community of the Moselle area.

About 100 hectares of the total vineyard consist of pure steep slopes, where mainly Riesling is grown. Here, elegant, complex Riesling wines mature with the mineral melt typical for shale beds.

The two wine presses from the 2nd century CE found during land consolidation do not only show a long-standing tradition of viniculture, but are also evidence of the great importance of the region in Roman times.
One of these wine presses was reconstructed and serves as a fully functional and cultural monument, an illustration of early techniques in wine production. To this day, Piesport owes its prominent position as a wine-growing village to the particular microclimatic conditions and location-specific soil properties recognized by the Romans.

The winemakers from Piesport know how to use their "terroir" and always bring forth
multiple award-winning world-class wines to delight wine lovers around the world.

Author: Jörg Kinn, Piesport 2008