Culture in the Piesport region

Like a giant amphitheater whose ranks, ascending steeply from the bed of the Moselle river, are full of vines and whose scenery is created by the thatched roofs of the houses, Piesport presents itself to visitors and guests. 
It is the home of the "Goldtröpfchen", that world-famous wine.  Even the Romans appreciated these steep slopes that are so favored by the climate. Roman wine presses dating from the 2nd and 4th century CE testify to this 2,000 year old wine tradition.

One of the vats has been faithfully restored, is fully functional and, every year in early October, it is the center of the "Roman wine festival", a historical play. More testimonies of a powerful Roman presence are the finds of a valuable Diatret-glass and a golden cloak pin, called "The Emperor Fibula" (exhibited in the Landesmuseum Trier). Locally, the Rococo parish church of St. Michael and the "Moselloreley" are definitely a must-see for every visitor.

On the banks of the Moselle, paths invite guests to stroll, while cafes, taverns and wine bars offer comfortable stops. Beds to dream in are ready at many hotels, private rooms and apartments.

Everything works together, so "golden times"... can already begin with the first day of holidays. Celebrations are an important part of the culture of Piesport. In the beginning of July, the Moselloreley is aflame (There's a gigantic fireworks display).

In the beginning of August, at the "Wein- and Heimatfest", the wine-queens are crowned. All in all, 19 music- and culture clubs entertain guests with many events in streets and plazas, in cellars and shacks.