Roman mile stone

Piesport was located on the ancient highway Trier-Mainz, which was later known as the Ausonius road. It served as a staging and supply route for the Roman troops. Located along the Roman roads, milestones or league stones showing the distance to the nearest major settlement or city were installed. In those times, this was Augusta Treverorum (now called Trier), which was the capital of the Western Roman Empire in its heyday.

Since the times of Emperor Augustus, these stones glorified the deeds of their respective ruler with their inscriptions. Using the name of the then-reigning emperor, it is possible to date these roads today.

Above Piesport, such a league stone has been found on the Roman road in 1921. The stone was erected in 213 CE during the reign of Emperor Caracalla, at a distance of 18 Gaulish leagues from Trier. A Gaulish league corresponds to about 2,222 kilometers, 18 Gaulish leagues therefore equal around 40 km. Caracalla was the nickname of the Roman Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antonius (211-217 CE).

Translation of the inscription:
The Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius, the Pious, Happy and Blessed One, the mighty conqueror of the Parthians and Britanians, chief priest, tribune for 2 times, consul for the 3rd time, brave and mighty prince, Pacifier of the Earth has restored the bridges and roads that have been destroyed by age, 18 leagues away from Trier.