Hiking in Piesport

What is a wine- and cultural landscape without hiking? Aloof and not to be experienced.

For this reason, Piesport and the surrounding regions possess a well-signposted net of sometimes spectacular hiking routes.
At many intersections, you can not only find signposts but also orientation plates, so you don't even need cartographic knowledge for orientation.

From a quiet walk along the Moselle to the exposed path high above the rocky slopes of the Moselle, anything is possible with us.

Additionally, Piesport crosses two long range hiking routes:
The "Moselhöhenweg" and the "Ausonius-Wanderweg" from Bingen.

Thus, Piesport is also a popular stop over for all hiking enthusiasts who are traveling on long routes.


Autor: Jörg Kinn, Piesport 2008