Moselle-Maare cycling trail

Possibly the most famous cycling trail of the central Moselle.

It leads to the Volcanic Eifel to Daun over Wittlich and Manderscheid. In total, 55 varied kilometers await the cyclists. The track is built on an old railway line. There is no simpler way to cycle to the Moselle valley than on the former railway line through the Volcanic Eifel! The road runs through the landscape of volcanoes and crater lakes, along magnificent viaducts, past old railway stations and accompanies the Lieser from Wittlich onwards through the wide, quiet valley past the vineyards that are beginning here towards the Moselle. Light as a feather, it continues to roll on the Moselle bike path to Bernkastel-Kues.
The route is 55 km long (281 meters uphill, 553 meters declining) and starts in Daun. The goal is Bernkastel-Kues. During the season - April to November - a special cycle bus runs up to ten times a day between Bernkastel-Kues and Daun.

These cycling tours are also suitable for families with children because the Maare-Moselle bicycle route - on which the following cycling tour suggestions concentrate - has hardly any inclines. There is also a cycling bus available, should your legs tire out too quickly. Numerous rest stops on the routes guarantee that your physical well-being is not neglected either.



Region Moselle

Center Moselle tour: (20 km)

 The tour starts in Lieser, on the Moselle cycling trail to Kesten (worth seeing: Roman wine presses at Brauneberg), on to Minheim, over the bridge towards Wintrich and Brauneberg (sundial, Franciscan monastery in the village of Felting) further over Mülheim to Andel (gold miners' wells) and Bernkastel (Landshut castle ruins, historic market, Cusanus abbey). The journey back leads over Kues to Lieser.

Chateau-Castle tour: Lieser - Bernkastel (10 km)
From Lieser (Church St. Peter and chateau of the lords of Schorlemer) to Bernkastel-Kues (Wine museum, birthplace of Cusanus, boat ride on the Moselle) on the Moselle cycling trails. Journey back to Lieser.


Region Moselle-Eifel around Wittlich

Valley descent loop (16 km)

 From the old station building Plein along the forest chateau Plein, then, a "shot" into the Lieser valley along the Lieser to the "Pig burner town" Wittlich. Return via the Maare-Moselle bicycle route in the Eifel.

Mill loop (32 km)
Start in Wittlich (historical downtown, Georg-Meistermann Museum), on to Bruch (oil mill, water castle) and Dreis (castle). The biking path leads directly to Wittlich.

Wine loop (44 km)
To Platten via the Maare-Moselle bicycle trail. Follow the signs Osann-Monzel - Klausen - panoramic road towards Minheim. Continue on the Moselle bike path over Kesten - Lieser - Maring-Noviand (Roman wine) back onto the Maare-Moselle cycle path to Platten.


Region Volcanic Eifel around Manderscheid

Adventure loop shire (6 km)

 Start at Laufeld (Located directly on the Maare-Moselle bicycle route). Go past the main road (Doll and Toy Museum), continue towards Oberöfflingen and Niederöfflingen. Pass the sports field and continue for about 1.5 kilometers back to the route of the Moselle-Maare biking trail.

Adventure loop Greimerath (3 km)
The starting point is the motorway underpass of the Maare-Moselle cycle path directly behind Hasborn. Past the sports field in Greimerath, on to the village hall. Then, right up to the church (parish and herb garden). After another 250 meters, you then turn back to the Moselle-Maare cycling route.


Region Volcanic Eifel around Daun

Loop Brockscheid - Holzmaar (6.5 km)

At the nature reserve Sangweiler, leave the Maare-Moselle bicycle route and follow the signs to "Brockscheid" (Eifel bell foundry) The way to Brockscheid is slightly uphill; once you arrive, the signposted path leads to Holzmaar and back to the main path.

Loop Mürmes-Saxler
At the commercial area Mehren, you leave the Maare-Moselle bicycle route and follow the signs to "Mürmes." This portion of the trail is slightly uphill, then flat or downhill until after Saxler, then uphill again towards Ellscheid. From Ellscheid onwards, it's mostly downhill to Gillenfeld, where you reach the Moselle Maare-cycle path again.

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