Moselle cycling trail - Velo Tour Moselle

Possibly the most famous cycling trail of the center Moselle.

The Moselle originates in the French Vosges mountains. The signposted cycle path runs from Thionville Moselle over Luxembourg and Trier to the mouth of the Moselle into the Rhine near Koblenz.

The character of the Moselle cycling trail is that of a typical river trail without difficult inclines. The Moselle cycling trail is mostly gentle and therefore popular with families and beginner cyclists.

The connection to the public transport systems is excellent: There are important train stations in Remiremont, Nancy, Metz and Thionville (Journey by train via regional trains from Luxembourg onwards), on the trail segments Perl-Trier-Schweich and from Traben-Trarbach to Koblenz.

Additionally, some trail segments offer the option of traveling via boat at moderate costs (2 to 3 Euros per bicycle). Also, during the cycling season, there is a special bus service for cyclists (including trailer) on the German parts of the route.

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