Fishing in and around Piesport

If you spend your holiday in Piesport and also count fishing among your hobbies and interests, you are exactly in the right place. On the banks of the Moselle around Piesport, you will surely find the fishing spot that caters to your tastes, be it close to your accommodation or somewhere quiet and secluded.

Upon presenting a  valid German fishing license, you will receive daily, weekly, monthly or even annual fishing vouchers at our Tourist Information, which entitle the holder to fishing between the Moselle locks Detzem and Wintrich, or annual vouchers for the entire Moselle region.


Daily voucher
 4,50 €
Weekly voucher
13,00 €
Monthly voucher
18,00 €
Annual voucher route     

34,50 €
Annual voucher whole Moselle 

68,00 €

Fishermen from foreign countries can obtain a German fishing license at the Federated Municipal Administration in Bernkastel-Kues, Gestade 18.

A photo is necessary.

Costs for 1 year (Calendar years)
12,00 €
Costs for 5 years (Calendar years)  

41,00 €