Water sports in Piesport

Piesport has an ideal infrastructure for nearly all watersport activities.

Above the  Moselle bridge in Piesport, in-between river kilometers 147 and 148, a designated water ski terrain exists. With a continuous 100 foot-wide fairway, this section provides more than enough space even for advanced water athletes.

In addition to various layout possibilities in Piesport, the nearby marina in Neumagen-Dhron provides cheap berths and a gas station for pleasure boats.

For those who want to enjoy the river in its originality, there is a canoe rental with expert guidance in Piesport, which is a perfect starting point for day or multi-day tours by canoe. The matching (municipally owned) jetty for such human-powered boats is located in the immediate vicinity of the Piesport bridge.

Canoe rental and guided tours in Piesport:
Mosel-Kanu-Service Edgar Welter
Römerstraße 38
54498 Piesport
Tel. 06507-5558
und 0176-78133700
Canoe rental:
Weingut Lehnert-Veit, Piesport
In der Dur 10
54498 Piesport
Tel. 06507-2123