Trips in and around Piesport

Our exploration tips show that there is much to discover in the Moselle valley and its greater region.

A single visit will not be enough to experience the many attractions that can be found on the Moselle.The Moselle can be explored in various ways, whether a trip with one of Moselle ships, a cycling trip up or down the river or enjoying the river panorama from a totally different point of view while hiking on the from the Moselle Heights Trail. However you choose to enjoy the landscape and culture, a visit to this gorgeous region is unforgettable.

Trip destination:


Cycling along the Moselle:


Hiking along the Moselle


Boat trips:


A boat trip on the Moselle is a must for every Moselle tourist
You can start directly in Piesport. Access points are at

  • Landing Piesport (Ausonius shore, left side of the Moselle)
  • Landing Reinsport (Moselstraße, right side of the Moselle)

 The boat travels every day to  Bernkastel-Kues and back again  except on Mondays.

 Additionally, you can travel on Tuesdays upwards on the Moselle to Trier and back, but only  from August, 1th to the October, 10th.                                                                     

All departure and return times you find in the  schedule