Roman wine ship

The "Stella Noviomagi" is the faithful replica of a Roman warship from the 2nd century AD, which was reconstructed last year using the plans of a Roman warship discovered in Mainz during excavations.

The "Star Neumagen" is a reminiscence to the wine ship found in neighboring town Neumagen-Dhron.

This discovery is a carved stone monument of a Roman ship which was laden with wine barrels, used as a transport on inland waterways and has been admired as evidence of a nearly 2,000-year history of viticulture in the Rhineland State Museum in Trier. Our neighboring Neumagen-Dhron, as  the oldest wine village in Germany, had this boat crafted in cooperation with the Rhineland State Museum and the Chamber of Crafts Trier, resurrecting a piece of Roman history.

To experience how alive history can be, just book a ride with the "Stella Noviomagi" at its home-harbor of Neumagen-Dhron. From spring to autumn, the ship sails on the part of the Moselle belonging to the association society Neumagen-Dhron and has space for up to 40 travelers.

Autor: Jörg Kinn, Piesport 2008